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At Transform Borders, we help:

  • Local companies looking to apply for work & employment passes for their staff
  • Local companies aiming to expand into overseas markets
  • Foreign companies looking to establish presence here in Singapore
  • Individuals working in Singapore who want to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) status
  • Families looking to relocate to Singapore


Sulochana helped us with a Personal Employment Pass and a DP and was extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process. Her service is also personal to meet client needs and we appreciated this due to travel constraints and absences. We received both passes within the expected time frame. I highly recommend Sulochana to take the strain out of these applications.

Lis Ho

If you need someone to take great care of you through the chaotic processes of applying for an LOC then Sulo from TransformBorders is that person. With her background as a Lawyer, she is expertly able to navigate the system and with her very fine eye for detail able to ensure that your application is presented in the best format. Thank you Sulo it was a real pleasure doing business with you and I will happily refer your superb end to end services to others.

Mary Barrett

Sulochana from Transform Borders does anything positively. She helped with my Singapore Employment Pass application and it was successful and this is now helping me grow my business in Singapore. She handles complex issues and challenges very well and this is why I can depend on her easily. She made me feel confident about the whole case from the beginning. Sulochana is not only professional, she has become a good friend too. She gives the right advice to get the best outcome and makes the whole process easy. She is a responsible and dynamic immigration specialist and I will happily recommend her services to anyone. In future, Adventure Import and Export Pte Ltd will always be with Sulochana.

Mohammad Abul Hossai Anik

Dealing with immigration and applying for an employment pass, navigating the process can be chaotic and difficult to understand. Sulochana at Transforming Borders took control and made the process easy and painless.

From the beginning to the end once i handed over all my details I never had to look back. A great lawyer who humanise the process and always had time to answer questions. Sulochana made it a real pleasure to deal with her would recommend her to anyone  needing qn immigration expert.

Matthew Putna

Sulochana is hard working and sell-motivated person who is always positive in her approach. She is an
excellent guide, who leads by setting examples. Because wide experience in immigration and legal, she bears extraordinary knowledge & skill to catch her client needs, even for complex matters. But to me the most enduring quality of Sulochana is her positive approach toward work as well as life as a whole. Even while working with stress, Sulochana always believe in herself and her team. Her optimism can drive her works as well as reflect upon her colleagues & clients, while handling difficult cases. Sulochana has to be credited for solving a lot of difficult cases. She works with her own team as well as peers to be in line with compliance matters with continues process up-gradation. This has raise the bar of her quality of works which helps her clients.


I wish Sulochana every success in life!

Helen Wong

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Тhе suссеss оf оur wоrk fоr еасh сlіеnt іs thе dіrесt rеsult оf а grіttу dеtеrmіnаtіоn tо bе thе vеrу bеst аt whаt wе dо. Іf wе ассерt а сlіеnt, thаt ассерtаnсе соmеs wіth оur соmmіtmеnt thаt wе саn аnd wіll fulfіll hіs/hеr dеmаnds. As immigration is personal, we will get to know you and truly understand your vision, values and goals. We believe in having a life-long business partner we can grow with.